Sunday, 15 September 2013

Ombre Shorts + Sneak peek on my weight-loss routine

Its been forever since I last posted something on my blog, I was caught up with tons of stuff but I'm still waiting for the time I could really blog a lot more I've designed my website and came up with more simple blog name and planned weekly post to gather more readers. My website was put into action though but I don't wanna buy a domain 'till I clear up my schedules, but I am hoping to upload it before this year ends, well hopefully. But today I wanna share you what happened to those days, weeks, months and years that had passed, I still doing my thesis (but hoping to be able to graduate this oct., fingers crossed), my step dad passed away last nov. 11 2012 and this coming nov. is his first death anniversary, that's why I often go home to see my mom and sister. Lastly for those who knew me personally knows that I am undergoing some weight-loss program I made and had helped from several post and people from the web, I started last april and ended or got my weight now last june and july-aug i lay low a bit since my family has been bugging me to stop or eat more but honestly I'm fine, I feel great and I feel more able to do things without feeling tired or super duper lazy (I love doing chores now haha !). so this is my initial sneak peek of my weight-loss program  though I am not still satisfied with this result and decided to start from the beginning this sept. to december and after that I'll post my final and detail weight-loss story; from my meals to my exercise and even my skin care routine since my skin improved a little bit that before I undergone losing weight (I have been using the same skin care routine). Here are some of my photos ;). thanks for reading. 



with the photographer 

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