Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Review: Avon Extra Lasting Liquid Eyeliner and Moisture Rich Mousse Lipstick (Nude Glow)

I am not a fan of Avon cosmetics and I just wanna try their product especially their Extra Lasting Liquid Eyeliner and Moisture Rich Mousse Lipstick (Nude Glow) because I really need a great Liquid Eyeliner and Nude Lipstick so I decided to order one. So here it is.

Avon Extra Lasting Liquid Eyeliner

This is how it looks like

The Pros:
1. Its handy and cute.
2. I like the color and the glittery content of it.
3. The package is sleek.
4. It doesn't smudge off easily even after 8 hours.

The Cons:
1. I prefer using a pen liner over it because I cant create a perfect eyeliner look with this.
2. It might last 8 hours or more but it doesn't say waterproof, so its not perfect for those pictorials dealing with water and its not ideal for oily skin (like me).
3. It doesn't dry fast.
4. It's so messy to use.
5. The color fades (it's mild though so no biggie).

-this product doesn't work for me at all, I like it but I am not going to purchase it  again I was planning to buy their Extra Lasting Mascara but I cancelled it because I prefer using Shawiil Mascara its cheap, lengthens my lashes and long lasting. If I'll rate this product I'll give it 5 over 10. Hope this helps.

Avon Moisture Rich Mousse Lipstick (Nude Glow)

This is how it looks like

This is my friend and model wearing the lipstick The theme bohemian look

Photographer: Griffith Boniel
Model: Nessie Bermudo
Stylist/Hair & Make Up Artist: Althea Dee
Theme: Bohemian
Location: Hills Borough

I was looking badly for a nude lipstick

..but instead I find myself buying the pinkish nude lipstick from Avon, I just wanna try it and see if this works great on my lips. First I was disappointed of the packaging its kinda cheap and I don't like it at all. It's not like my Revlon lipstick's packaging. But when I saw the lipstick I was so amaze of its appearance, It smells good and its not heavy to wear at all, and even though its not the type of nude lipstick I want to have I am still glad I bought it. I really like the creamy texture of it, and I don't have to wear a lip gloss over it because it can stand alone.

If you are looking for a great and nude looking lipstick this one is for you, but if you want a lipstick that can last long you have to rethink on buying this one, when I used this it only lasted for 2 hours. If you want a glossy and creamy lipstick that can provide both lipstick and lip gloss this is for you. If you want a perfect summer look lipstick this works great for you. All in all I like it and I am considering on buying another lipstick from Avon because I really like it doesn't last long though. And I wanna try their mineral blush. If I'll rate this product I'll give it 8 over 10. I hope you like this review and keep reading my other post. Enjoy.

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