Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Half Tinted Sunglasses: Accesorize

I have always been so fascinated with Mary Kate Oslen's style and captivated with her dark role in Beastly. I found these photos in Google Images, she is wearing the Chanel Half Tinted Sunglasses. I never wore and I don't recall keeping even one sunglasses in my wardrobe closet, and every time I wear some of these it makes my vision blurry and I feel a bit nausea. But when I saw these sunglasses, I was like "wow". I want this, it's so classy unique and adorable. I really want to have it, but unfortunately it's way too expensive for me, it cost about $190 to $200+ and I'm not gonna spend that much for a sunglasses which I barely use.

This photo was taken a couple of years ago
courtesy of Google Images

I found a slightly the same and cheap one from Channeling Chanel  for only 9.99$ (about 424 php) but unfortunately this item can only be bought online and they only ship on selected countries. I really want to have this sunglasses. I even ask my friend to tell his mom living in New Jersey to buy it for me. My obsession with this sunglasses isn't over yet.
Last 4 weeks ago I dropped by at Accessorize and bought one sunglasses at that time. It's not my ideal sunglasses but I was thinking that maybe I can use it sometime. It's pretty hot here in our country. Not realizing that the sunglasses I bought is actually a dark half tinted sunglasses. After I tried it on for the first time I was really amazed that I bought it similar to what I long for. The lens of the sunglasses is quite impressive, the moment I wore it I don't feel nauseous at all. Half of the lens is crystal clear and the half is semi-black tinted. This is one of my fav accessory for now. And it made me draw more attention to having a set of different sunglasses in my closet :). And now I can totally say: SUNGLASSES is a must.

A Closer look to Accessorize Half-Black Tint Sunglasses

Front view of the sunglasses

The Packaging

Side view of the sunglasses (Its chic, simple and elegant)

Direction on how to take good care of the sunglasses

can you see it?? :D
I sooo Love it

I'll be collecting more and more sunglasses from now on. And I'm keeping my eye on the all the chic sunglasses I will find. I hope you like my post. Don't forget to post a comment, Subscribe, Join my site or Follow me and lastly Read my other post below. Enjoy

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