Thursday, 22 September 2011

Birthday Gift

When a friend or a family member's birthday is fast approaching the challenge we often encounter is "Finding The Perfect Gift". It's not easy to guess what kind of gift they would  love to receive, and most of the time we are stuck trying to figure out what they want. I have the same problem when my dear friend Sam's birthday approaches. I think hard and came up with the idea to give her a make over on her special day.  

Work in progress (Sam)

I love looking at her smile :)  (Happy Birthday Sam)
Nessie (work in progress) :)
Well I also did her, she's one of my dearest friend (Weena)
From left to right: Sam, Nessie, Weena

Now lets eat !!!!! namm namm namm :D

Baked Mac (YUMMY)

I was given less than 30 min to do their make up so we can eat ^_^. I hope you like it, Subscribe and follow me on twitter. Have a nice day.

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