Friday, 2 September 2011

IQQU Stippling Brush

Last week was the second time I bought something in IQQU,  at that time they had a great offer that when you buy any of their products with a total of $39.99 you'll accumulate a Free Standard Global Shipping, and for me this is a good opportunity to buy the stippling brush that I needed and another set of Acne Serum. Although the amount of my purchase was only $39.98 IQQU still shipped my package for free (Thank You IQQU). And because the shipping is free I just paid for about $7 or $8 I'm not quite sure but more than half of its price.

IQQU striping brush packing

The IQQU Stippling Brush

Like my first package I received it at exactly 2 weeks after I ordered it online. I immediately opened the box to see and try my new brush. It was unexpected that it's not dense although it's exactly the same in IQQU Stippling Brush picture preview. I tried stroking it and just as I expected it sheds, But it didn't bother me at all it might not be as dense as the IQQU red kabuki brush but I'm pretty sure that the bristles of the stippling brush is more than it should be for possible fall outs. It's so soft and it produce an airbrush finish using a liquid foundation or bb cream, and the two tone color of the brush is pleasing and elegant to look at. It might be small but it can perform its task well. The handle is the part I like most it's made from pure luxurious ebony wood material and it's kinda heavy but I find the handle's weight appropriate for its purpose. I can use it efficiently and I never thought that having a heavier handle will help me use the tool effectively and will provide me a better result.

Comparison between my ecotools blush brush and IQQU stippling brush
They almost have the same length

A closer look of IQQU Stippling Brush Parts

* The bristles:
(It's frizzy but so soft)

* The Handle:

(My fav Part of the Brush)
* The Ferrule:

(I love the lable :) its so elegant)

The Stripping brush comes with a manual on how to clean your brush unlike my Red Kabuki Brush.

It says: 
You can choose a special detergent or mild soap mixed with extra virgin olive oil for washing and disinfecting the brushes. Rub in the cleanser gently with your hands, and then wash out thoroughly by lukewarm water.

NEVER wash the hairs in a reversed direction against hairs. 
NEVER wash, or wet the ebony wood handle. To clean please wipe with dry cotton cloth.
After washing, press the hair gently with paper tissue, squeeze out the excess water and hang the brush with the bristles pointing down in natural air to dry.
DO NOT use a hair dryer and avoid any sunlight as this will damage the brush.

My Photo

The Model

 (I use the IQQU Stippling brush to apply the foundation on her face)

Photographer: Ernest Castro
Model: Paula Hernandez
Stylist/Hair & Make Up Artist: Althea Dee
Theme: Bohemian
Location: Hills Borough

It's up to you if you wanna get this brush, I also recommend sigma Stippling brush just click the image at the right side of the screen to automatically take you to their official website. This brush is not bad either and I also recommend this brush because I am impressed on its performance and its worth it. Or you can get 2 or more brushes from different brand so you can use the 1st brush every other day and the second brush as well, the more brushes you have the better you can keep them for a long time. I hope you've given a deep conclusion about buying this brush. I hope this helps you on your questions about IQQU Stippling brush. If you have some questions and the answer is not stated here you can post a comment below and I'll answer it honestly. And you might wanna check out my other post and read them. Enjoy.

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